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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  September 14, 2011 12:00am-1:05am EDT

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we hope you tune in tomorrow ght at 10:00 eastern for "primetime nightline." you can get a sneak preview on the "nightline" page at thanks for watching abc news. have a great evening, america. >> dicky: tonight on an all-new "jimmy kimmel live" -- judge judy sheindlin. >> jimmy: will you adopt me or marry me or in any way bring me into your family? >> dicky: guillermo with john hamm -- >> what's next for john hamm? >> what's next for john hamm? >> dicky: and megan fox. >> wow! she gave me a kiss. >> dicky: emily vancamp. and music from staind. >> jimmy: straighten up. we're
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>> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel with a word from miracle whip, which just awarded $25,000 to ryan and ann, a very talented young couple from philadelphia, p.a., for this video they submitted in the "not for every relationship" contest on youtute. and you can see their winning submission at here's a video that didn't win, courtesy of our funny couple, fred and kay. ♪ you can have your whip ♪ your miracle whip ♪ i'll chip your sandwich into shape ♪ ♪ no you won't ♪ i hate the taste
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♪ even though we don't agree ♪ none for you and more for me ♪ come on over and give me a kiss ♪ ♪ no you don't love my miracle whip ♪ >> jimmy: wow. that was fantastic. >> dicky: miracle whip, some people love it. some don't. go to to check out the winning video. >> jimmy: i would have picked that one. "jimmy kimmel live," back in two minutes with guillermo live in toronto with jon hamm, adam scott and megan fox, emily vancamp is with us. we'll have music from staind and judge judy sheindlin. or if you want to stay connected when you're miles away from wi-fi ? no problem. you can even tweet when you're nowhere near your followers. and you can post pictures, too. so... what do you think ? i'll take it.
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yeah, so's the towel. "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- judge judy sheindlin. from "revenge," emily vancamp. guillermo visits toronto. and muc from staind. with cleto and the cletones.
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♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" >> dicky: and now, by the way, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's very nice. thank you. appreciate that. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you u r watching. thank you for coming. i want to thank god for giving us waffles. by the way, there's a guy up there i just noticed and this is the sort of thing i zoom in on. the guy, very relaxed guy in the pink shirt right there. he's looking behind him as if it's not him.. no? you're going too far. he's right there. yeah, that guy right there. yeah. that's -- sitting like this -- and actually clapping. this is the clapping that you
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were doing when i came out. and by the way, i want to point something else out. i can see well into your naval. i can see six inches into your belly button right now. everybody straighten up, huh? we're doing a show here. [ applause ] this suspect your living room. again with the -- [ laughter ] this is where i find out you have some terrible handicap and it's horrible, right? we had a strange thing happen today. we had to evacuate our building because of a bomb scare. it's f fny, they call it a bomb scare, no one was scared. it was a bomb notice for us. at 11:00 this morning, despite the fact we are literally surrounded by super heroes, someone called a bomb threat into the hollywood and highland center which is right across the
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street from our theater. somebody noticed a white truck parked in the middle of the street. this is the truck. this is just after they evacuated. nobody on the street. someone just left it there. so, they called the bomb squad and evacuated the area they brought the dogs in. by the way -- as far as jobs for dock dogs go -- that's not the way you want. better to hook up with a blind guy to lead around. eventual little they determined that the truck wasn't dangerous and they brought in a tow truck to tow it away. but you know, businesses were shut down. they pulled people out of the movie theater in the middle of the movies. the guy in the spongebob costume had to leave his pineapple behind. it was very frantic. our staff had to stand in the parking lot for an hour. it was terrible. i was forced to meet half of the people that work here. and it all wound up being for no reason. i would love to know, who left their -- just left their truck in the middle of the street? i bet it was somebody who really had to go to the bathroom.
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they came out and saw the bomb squad and said, you know what? i guess i will leave the truck. more likely, the driver was high and forgot he had a truck. you know, there's a new report from the substance abuse and mental health services administration, which -- they have the worst christmas parties of any of the groups -- but they say that there's been a sharp increase in the use of marijuana over t t last year, which -- [ applause ] maybe thatexplains the sharp increase in unemployment over the last year. marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug in the united states. 6.9 admit to using it, with a plus or minus of ten bong hits. 6.9%, that seems low to me. maybe because in l.a., we have a dispensary every five feet.
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starbucks, pot clinic, et cetera. we sent a camera crew out on hollywood boulevard to do our own study today. because maybe people don't want to telelthe government the truth. but they will tell us, presumably. we're going to show you a person and we'll guess where they smoke marijuana or not. you know,, they say you can't judge a book by its cover, but let's find out. >> beth from illinois. >> beth, do you use marijuana? >> jimmy: all right, does beth use marijuana? all right. let's see. >> no. i've tried it. >> jimmy: she does not. >> ever. >> jimmy: not ever. next up. >> what's my name, where am i from, my name ismichael. >> michael, have you ever used marijuana?
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>> jimmy: let's see if michael has. >> no, i have not. >> jimmy: all right, who do we have next? >> i'm shawn from brigs bane, australia. have i ever used marijuana? >> jimmy: ah -- all right. the audience says yes. >> yes, i have. >> jimmy: next up? >> my name is norma and i'm from des moines, iowa. do i use marijuana? >> jimmy: yeah, that's a stoner if ever i've seen one. you don't wear a sweater like that when you're straight, right? okay, let's see. >> no. never have. that leaf? i think it's a palm tree. >> jimmy: all right. let's -- >> what's your name?
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dalive. >> do you use marijuana? >> jimmy: i hope so. there's got to be some explanation for his appearance. >> no. i'm not lying, no. >> jimmy: wow. all right. let's see another one. >> my name is jeremy and i'm from chicago, illinois. >> jeremy, do you use marijuana? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i think -- i think he answered that question already. >> sorry. yes. yes, i do. all the time. >> jimmy: all the time. all right. let's look at -- >> my name is olivia, i'm from portland, oregon. and do i use marijuana? >> jimmy: all right, let's see. >> i definitely have done pot in my free time.
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[ applause ] >> jimmy: you guys are way too excited about this. >> i'm evette from chicago. >> i'm beth from encino. >> so, do we smoke marijuana? >> jimmy: do they? t's find out. >> no. >> yes. >> jimmy: all right. we have -- one more? oh. >> what's your name? >> my name's elliott. what's going on? >> where are you from? >> burbank. >> elliott, you ever smoke marijuana? >> jimmy: hold on. look at those eyes. elliott. all right. let's see if elliott -- >> oh, no, never. do i look like i smoke marijuana? ofofourse not. >> jimmy: all right. [ applause ] all right, one more. >> hi, what's your name? >> i'm ivon,rom daugherty. >> what happened to your mind? >> i hit a speed bump and fell
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off my bicycle. my bone went out of my arm. i've been wearing it for about four months now. >> you use marijuana? >> you can't ask me that. >> jimmy: does she or doesn't she? >> no. no. no. really, no. okay, maybe a little. >> jimmy: well, thank you to everyone who participated. the fbi wiwi be in contact w wi you shortly. president obama is on the road this week, going to cities around the country to drum up support for the american jobs act he submitted to congress this week. obama wants to get americans back to doing what we do best. he wants teachers teaching, policemen policing, firemen fighting fires and the rest of us checking facebook. he says his plan will cost $447
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billion but all of that will be completely paid for. which, i don't like this new focus on paying for things. that's what future generations are for. why even have kids? [ applause ] the president says he's -- hopeful congressssill pass the bill, which, really? has he watched the news in the last three years? he'd have better luck getting jon and kate back together. formerer vice president dick cheney stopped by "the view" this morning and while he was there he was good enough to provide us with our unintentional joke of the day. >> would you pull out immediately? >> i would not pull out immediately. [ applause ] jimmy: at least now he has an exit strategy, so -- mean while, lady gaga is recovering today after a fall at a photo shoot. she was posing next to a hot dog stand in new york. either that or she was wearing the sidewalk as a dress, i'm not sure. i don't know how this happened.
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can you see she's wearing very sensible shoes. they are only -- it's only a 24-inch heel. we should get snooki a pair o those so she can reach the light switches in her house. [ applause ] this is prprty good. this is from the show "inside edition." at the beginning of the show, they give a preview of the stories they have coming up. it's called a tease. and yesterday's tease was great. well -- look at this. >> first public outing for george clooney and his new lady. then,attle of the exes. and -- the monkey family. they have free reign of the house. they even take baths and brush their teeth. but are they dangerous? this one's got a knife. >> jimmy: why does this one have a knife? [ applause ] cutting his bananas? this one's got a knife. this week, our parking lot security guard guillermo is not
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with us, he's in toronto for the toronto international film festival. this is annual event. last night, guillermo had an exclusive interview with robert de niro. tonight, he has more stars. let's check in now with guillermo in or the rtoronto. ♪ toronto, toronto ♪ that's where i go ♪ i'm guillermo ♪ i'm in toronto ♪ yeah >> jimmy: and guillermo is in the heart of toronto's entertainment district. how are you doing? >> i'm doing great, jimmy. >> jimmy: what is the latest? what's going on? >> jimmy, i love the people of toronto. they're very friendly. >> jimmy: okay. and why are you pumping your fist like that? >> i'm so excited! >> jimmy: okay. i i ar you have big celebrity interviews for us tonight.
12:18 am
>> yes, jimmy, i have an exclusive interview, one on one sitdown with mr. jon hamm. >> jimmy: a sit-down interview with jon hamm. >> yes, a sitdown interview wih jon hamm. roll the tape! hi friend! how are you? >> you look great. >> you, too. how you doing? >> thank you. >> hey -- can we sit down for an interview? >> yes. you want to sit? >> yeah, sure. >> can i take a knee? >> yeah. >> okay. thank you for sitting down. >> my pleasure. >> okay. i want to ask you a question. >> yes. you are good looking guy. but i want you to be sexy. >> you want me to be sexy? >> yeah. >> can you get a mustache to grow? >> yes. i'm going to show you a picture, guillermo. because i know that you like mustaches. >> yeah, i do. i love them. wow!
12:19 am
>> now that is a mustache. i was auditions for luigi in the new mario brother's reboot. >> one last question. what's next for jon hamm? >> what's next for jon hamm? ah -- i'm going to try to stand up. i don't know if it's going to be successful. >> can i help you? let me help you. >> please. >> thank you mr. jon hamm. >> jimmy: all right. that was great, guillermo. thank you very much. that was unusual -- >> you're welcome, jimmy. >> jimmy: oh, okay. do you have anything else for us, guillermo? >> yes, jimmy. i have another exclusive one-on-one interview with mr. adam scott. roll the tape! how you doing? >> how it going, buddy? you look beautiful. >> oh, thank you. you, too.
12:20 am
you're promoting a new movie? >> ah, yeah. this movie. >> which one? >> this -- the one that you're in line for. >> oh, the one -- kids with benefits? friends with kinds with benefits. >> yeah. >> it's just a mashup of justin timberlake movie -- i'm not even in it. >> you're not in the movie? >> they cut the movies together. >> wow. justin timberlake? >> yeah. >> he's in the movie or no? >> no. >> what is he? >> he's -- he's a singer/actor. >> oh, okay. >> he's not in this movie. >> oh, okay. what is his name? >> justin timberlake? >> yeah. >> no, your name. what's your name? >> my name? >> justin timberlake. >> no! >> going around and around. >> no, your name. >> my name? >> yeah. >> justin timberlake. >> no! >> what is [ bleep ] is going on? >> jimmy: all right. beautifully done. thank you, guillermo.
12:21 am
>> wait, jimmy, wait! >> jimmy: okay. >> i have another exclusive interview, one-on-one with a lady who is full of love! she's beautiful and sexy. megan fofo >> jimmy: oh. >> roll the tape. >> jimmy: all right. >> megan fox! megan! how are you? how are you doing? you look beautiful. how are you? >> good, how are you? >> good. so, i want to ask you a question. which women do you think are more sexy, canadian or mexican? >> are you mexican? >> yes. >> then i'm going to go with mexican. >> can i kiask for a kiss? >> go ahead, man. >> you're married right? >> yes. >> on the cheek. >> thank you. good luck in the movie. wowo she gave me a kiss!
12:22 am
[ applause ] >> jimmy: great work, guillermo. guillermo, everyone. check back in with you tomorrow, all right, guillermo? >> thank you, jimmy. >> jimmy: all right, thank you. all right. we have a good show tonight. from the new abc show "revenge," emily vancamp is here. we have music from staind. and we'll be right back with judge judy sheindlin, so stick around. ♪ ♪ three, six, nine ♪ the goose drank wine ♪ the monkey chew tobacco on the streetcar line ♪ ♪ ♪ clap, pat, clap your hand ♪ pat it on your partner's hand ♪ ♪ righghhand ♪ clap, pat, clap your hand ♪ cross it with your left arm ♪ pat your partner's left palm
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back. tonight on the show, a woman whom you know from the shows "everwood" and
12:27 am
"brothers and sisters." starting next wednesday, she has her own new show here on abc called "revenge." ily vancamp is here. and then, with music from this, their brand new self-titled album, it came out today. staind from the bud light outdoor stage. tomorrow night, we'great guy, t burrell will be here from "modern family" and then we'll have the little league world series champions from ocean view little league in huntington beach. and we'll have music from cake. our first guest is the tv judge against which all others are measured. she rules with an iron fist and an acid tongue on the 16th season of "judge judy," which returns to the airwaves this week. please welcome judge judy sheindlin. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: well, thank you for coming. how should i address you? your honor, judge judy -- >> like you kissed me first.
12:28 am
oncece you kiss me, you have to call me judy. >> jimmy: all right. i will do that. how are you? >> it's weird to see you without a robe on. >> i look better in color. >> jimmy: the color is nice. >> i keep trying to convince them that the robe should get little lighter in hue or more violet in hue but i haven't had success. >> jimmy: the show is -- i don't think people realize, you beat oprah all the time, i mean -- >> no, well -- [ applause ] you know, she -- she was the queen of the airwaves for a very long time and she's probably going to come back again. >> jimmy: you think so? >> yes. >> jimmy: oh. >> the good fortune, i'm enjoying now and living in the moment. >> jimmymyyou think oprah will come back? >> i think that she is a terrific talent and i think that she hasn't played her swan song yet. >> jimmy: oh, no. [ laughter ]
12:29 am
>> that's what i think. >> jimmy: i love watching you yell at people on tv. i really do. >> it's something you would love to do? >> jimmy: it makes me feel smarter when i see you telling people how dumb they are. >> i would never say that. >> jimmy: and i imagine if i was presenting a case to you, how i would do it. i would be well-dressed. i would be, you know, very -- >> if you were smart you would be well-dressed. >> jimmymyi know you don't like when people aren't well-dressed. >> i actually don't understand. many of our litigants come from other parts of the area. they are not all from the los angeles area. but they get on a plane in idaho, in chicago, in boston, so, they know they're actually coming to a television program. >> jimmy: right. >> and when they arrive in cutoff shorts and f fp-flops and a tank top, you know, that's all the way down to here, i say, you know what? i know it was 14 below when you
12:30 am
left fargo, so, you knew you were coming here today -- did you dress especially for us? would you wear that to a funeral? you know -- well, i -- did you ever go to a funeral? yeah, once in awhile. would you wear that to a funeral? i want you to think of this experience as if it was a funeral. i want you to come dressed for a -- that's something that really -- >> jimmy: yeah, i've seen that happen before where you actually are, like, castigate people for the way they are dressed. does it affect your judgment? will you let it affect the way you rule on the case? >> well, you know, i think we're only human beings. judges are only human becomes. you bring to the table -- if you bring disrespect to where i work, to the table, i already don't like you. >> jimmy: got you. >> that doesn't necessarily mea that i'm not going to rule in your favor if the law is on your side. but that means that you're
12:31 am
starting out with a substantial disability. why would an intelligent pers person -- >> jimmy: exactly. >> and then come in shorts, being disrespect rl or, you know, we've had people who actually come with things written on their t-shirt, which we have to c cer over. i mean, things that people want to do to me, whatever it is. the judge, whatever. things -- >> jimmy: by the way, not just on shirts, but this is -- this is a real tattoo. i assume you've seen this. this is somebody that got you -- [ laughter ] >> this is a man who was a prisoner shackled to a bench, if you notice. i saw it for the first time about a year or so ago on the internet. and if you notice, there are cups behind him over here. >> jimmy: yeah, yes. >> so, there you go. >> jimmy: and seems that you have bad skin in your tattoo or
12:32 am
he's bleeding. >> could you imagine 30 years from now what i'm going to look like on that leg? >> jimmy: i have a feeling he's not going to be around 30 years from now. >> one of the reason i would never get a tattoo is that one right there. >> jimmy: you don't have any tattoos? >> that would be a no. >> jimmy: how many kids do you have? >> we have five children and we have 11 grandchildren. >> jimmy: the grandkids, are they scared of you? [ laughter ] >> i don't think they're scared of me. their parentsometimes use me as a "wait until nana gets home." but that's really just a good rouse. >> jimmy: when that's going on, will you change into the robe, come out with a little gavel? >> no. they really don't need that. all they have to do is tune in at 4:00 or 3:00 whatever it is and -- >> jimmy: do they watch you on television? >> i certainly hope so. that's where the numbers are coming from. >> jimmy: and you make an
12:33 am
astonishing amount of money. you make a lot of money for your company. what is your schedule? how many days do you work in a month? >> um -- five. >> jimmy: five days in a month. and you make $45 million a year. >> i didn't say that. >> jimmy: i know, but i did. [ applause ] which is almost a million dollars a day. wow. >> happy to talk about money. >> jimmy: it is. but in this case, i'm going to anyway. will you adopt me or marry me or in any way bring me into your family? >> let me explain something to you. i have my publicist in the back and he's been my publicist for ten years. he's been trying to change his last name to sheindlin for ten years. any time we go any place and i see gary rosen sheindlin, i cross out the sheindlin. >> jimmy: so do you get this a lot? do you get people asking you for money in weird ways? >> actually not. >> jimmy: because people are intimidated by you.
12:34 am
>> perfect. >> jimmy: we're going to take a quick break. we're going talk to judge judy. her 16th season starts this week every day in indication. we'll be right back. welcome back to hack job. today we're with the gilberts. okay, guys, are you ready to see your new kitchen? yes!!! me too. let's go. take a look!! ahhh. here. we. go! it looks amazing! you didn't do anything. you just put bud light on the counter.
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bunch of these young guys decided to play a stupid game. what's the game called, kyler? okay, just walk around and just tap your friend and then they'll
12:39 am
say, oh, i'll get you later. >> all right. >> and they get you back. >> we're not being explicit enough for bird here. you walk aroundnd you tap your friend where? >> in the groin. >> oh. >> sack tap. >> jimmy: that's judge judy, one of my favorite moments from the show. [ applause ] i can admit, i also participated in that game but i stopped when i was like 35. >> you know -- one of the problems with aging in today's culture is, you miss so many nuances. people say -- the first case that i had where somebody said to me, we were bumping the uglies. now, i didn't know what that meant. does everybody know what that meant? >> jimmy: i think i know what it means. >> well, we had a fight and then we went inside and we were bumping the uglies. i looked at bird, he said, i
12:40 am
don't t ow what that means. but everybody else in the audience knew what that meant. and, you know, it meant what you think it means, actually. they were and they were. >> jimmy: bird was your bailiff when you were a judge in new york. >> bird was my bailiff for me in new york. >> jimmy: you were a real judge. you did not set out to be a tv judge. >> oh, no. i was appointed by the mayor in 1982 and 1995 or '96, somebody came to me, after a littltl "60 minutes" piece and said, did you ever think of doing what you do in front of a larger audience? and i was 50-ish and said, you know, i had a real great career. itch was on the bench for 14, 15 years and i was in the courts for ten years before that, and i said, you know, 25 years in the family court? that's enough of a sentence.
12:41 am
that's six tylenol a day, for sure. i loved it. but i was ready for a new adventure. reporte >> jimmy: your husband is a retired judge. do you guys argue a lot? >> we argue a lot -- no. we don't argue a lot. jimmy: when you do argue, you're both judges, who usually wins? >> the one who is right. >> jimmy: the one who is right. >> and who is usually right. that would be you. i know -- [ applause ] i heard you talk about these nonsensical lawsuits that people file and i want to run one by you. i know you don't have the details here but "the new york post" does a wonderful job of summing things up. now, this guy is suing white castle because he's too fat to get into the booth. how would judge judy rule? just off the cuff, on something of this nature? >> well -- first of all, i love "the new york post." >> jimmy: okay. >> second of all, if i looked
12:42 am
like this guy, i wouldn't be eating a whole lot of white castle. >> jimmy: right. >> sushi, perhaps. but the fact that he was able to gobble up federal time by filing this lawsuit, as far as i'm concerned, is offensive. and before somebody like that can file that kind of a lawsuit, or any kind of a lawsuit, they have to be prepared to pay costs. my costs to the taxpayer. because this is nonsense. >> jimmy: there you go. and will you send a special -- >> i might. >> jimmy: it's great to have you here. we always wanted and we really appreciate you coming by. >> i had a ball. i can't wait to come back. >> jimmy: judge judy, everybody. her 16th season starts this week every day in syndication. we'll be right back with emily
12:43 am
vancamp. who's daddy's little pee-wee? [ cellphone plays song ] holla... [ buddy ] g-dogg. what's up? you know me, right now i'm just kickin' it. tell me you caught the game last night? huh... yeah...e you caught the game last night?
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which may be nothing at all. royal caribbean international. why not cruise from baltimore? visit today. >> jimmy: well, we're back. you know our next guest from five seasons of "brothers and sisters." now, she has her own show, about a young woman seeking justice, without the help of judge judy. it is called "revenge" and premieres wednesday, september 21st here on abc. please welcome emily vancamp.
12:53 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: everything all rig? >> everything's great. >> jimmy: congratulations -- you're from not far from where toronto is. what's the name? >> port perry. >> jimmy: and you the most famous person to come out of port perry? >> um -- there's a playboy model that comes from port perry. i don't remember her name. so, she's famous -- she's a lot more famous than mee to some people. >> jimmy: i got you. and that's where you grew up and went to school and everything like that? >> yeah, i moved away from home when i was 11 to study ballet. >> jimmy: what? >> well, it was supposed to be a summer program at this school and that turned into four years of ballet training in montreal, canada. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah, i lived with a french family.
12:54 am
>> jimmy: at 11 years old, i can't imagine moving out of my parents' house. that was your idea? >> well, it was just supposed to be the summer session and then it turned into -- i got a part in one of the productions and so i stayed for six months and then it turned into four years and i never really went home. >> jimmy: do you think of that family more than your real family? >> no. they're a brilliant family and they are like family to me. >> jimmy: better than your family? >> no. i mean, my family is my family. my mother's watching. >> jimmy: figured i'd throw it out there. oh, but which mother is watching? your real mother or montreal mother? or vice versa -- >> my real mother. you don't want to miss with cindy. >> jimmy: oh, really? cindy does strike fear into me, the name. >> cindy raised four daughters so cindy means business. >> jimmy: what does cindy think of this? her daughter is like -- there are billboards and bus signs and
12:55 am
everything -- >> it's everywhere. >> jimmy: that's you. >> i never took that picture, but that's me. >> jimmy: so this is not you -- >> it's me -- this is -- i tried to break this down. when i saw this picture, i had no idea what was going on here. i did a video shoot in this dress. >> jimmy: you didn't wear -- >> those are definitely my hands because i do this weird ballet thing with my hands. this is from a "brothers and sisters" gallery shoot. they kind of super imposed and pasted on there. the way that -- i don't know. there's something up with that. >> jimmy: this is a fraud. >> well, no, it's me but in all kinds of different pieces. >> jimmy: like mr. potato head. >> exactly. it's the mr. potato -- >> jimmy: it is weird to drive around and see yourself? >> it really is. it very -- it's nerve wracking. it's so exciting because it means they believe in the show and it's a great show and i'm very proud of it but it's like
12:56 am
every billboard i see, it's more weight on the shoulders, got to deliver today, emily. it's amazing and kind of surreal. i take pictures of them while i'm driving. which, i shouldn't be doing. >> jimmy: no. >> i recognize that. >> jimmy: oprah would be furious and she's coming back, too, i hear. we're all in a lot of trouble. >> don't tell oprah. >> jimmy: why do you take pictures of them?? >> to send to my mom. i'm not going to send them to my friends. that's ridiculous. my mom is like, emily, enough already. i have no one else to send them to. >> jimmy: now she's tired of it? >> my mother's tired of it. no, she's excited. >> jimmy: this show is called "revenge," because you plalaa woman seeking revenge. >> indeed. yes. it's loosely based on "the count of monte cristo." i come back to the hamptons to exact revenge on a community of people who destroyed my family. >> jimmy: by killing them? >> not necessarily.
12:57 am
well, she has a moral code about that, so it's not really killing. it's more to see them -- to destroy their lives as much as they have destroyed hers. killing is too easy. >> jimmy: what if the show goes on for many, many years? there are only so many people in the hamptons. >> with that comes new york city -- we'll be -- we'll be seeing a lot of the back story, as well. her back story and where she went and how she sort of developed this master plan, so -- >> jimmy: like a lady batman in a way. >> hopefully. >> jimmy: congratulations. i hope it goes well there's certainly enough billboards up, right? >> no pressure. >> jimmy: if those are the tipping point, it's going to be absolutely huge. >> i hope people watch it. we have such a good time. >> jimmy: it's called "revenge," premieres september 21st at 10:00 here on abc. emily vancamp, everyone.
12:58 am
we'll be right back with music from staind.
12:59 am
1:00 am
>> jimmy: this is their new self-titled album. here with the song "not again,"
1:01 am
staind. ♪ ♪ ♪ do you feel like you're falling you've taken this step ♪ ♪ in front of you is further from the truth and you fall apart
1:02 am
in front of me again ♪ ♪ again denial isn't the way to forgiveness ♪ ♪ you always swore that i was wrong not again ♪ ♪ no taste for the crow you feed me not again ♪ ♪ it's not a matter of if i care not again ♪ ♪ what an intricate web you're weaving again and again so you try not ♪ ♪ to follow while the clock fails
1:03 am
to sleep so here we are ♪ ♪ back where it began and toe to toe i stand in front of you again ♪ ♪ again denial isn't the way to forgiveness ♪ ♪ you always swore that i was wrong not again ♪ ♪ no taste for the crow you feed me noagain ♪ ♪ it's not a matter of if i care not again ♪ ♪ what an intricate web you're weaving again and again
1:04 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ not again ♪ no taste for the crow you feed me not again ♪


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